love song


When I said I loved you it wasn’t a warning.
Let’s become all the things we are afraid of
Let’s be too proud to call it when it’s over
I will go back into the kitchen and cook you something that will make you cry
bake love and muffins and new hope, forged in a crucible of butter and sugar
We’re better than this
We’re better than our parents
Take me out to the backyard and show me the tree you picked out
and we’ll use the rope to double dutch jump rope
jump the the broom and sweep our history clean
there is no more use in remembering
We’ve bled our past dry a million times already
teach me new ghost stories
Let’s haunt this house until it echos back a new history
Let me carve our initials into the tree
give it something to remember us by
I am bigger than you thought
and you are deeper
When I said I love you it wasn’t a promise
It was just the truth
And you are my truth
Let me show you where it was on my body when I decided to live
unravel my spine
dissect my wrists
prop up and peer under my ribs
this sunlit clearing in the forest is my heart
And you are welcome here
And the space between our bodies is just a metaphor for time we still have left to spend
Come, let’s give it away, and sit here awhile, with nothing to be but together and here
letting the stars wheel about above us like the circus freaks that they are
sweet empty pits of light, let’s forget our past and lay in the grass like just being here is creation enough