There are too many poems about anxiety
and not enough poems about walking your dog
The bright slick of sun on the kitchen tiled floor
as he scratches at the door all leash-promise and new day bright
Tell me
this is not the spinning match to your 3 am doubt
your middle of the day wine and vacuum cleaner depression
Tell me this is not the flip side of the coin you have been tossing, hoping for heads
or is it tails that wins
or tails that wag hoping that you will remember how good the air feels
when you point your face right into it, like leaning right into the good smells
and the bad,
fur thick enough to twitch off bugs and protect against sticky fingers always trying to pet more pet more
This is more
than a pet
This is the way he waits for you in the morning
every time
Picks up his rubber toy and brings it to your lap, dropping it like the truest love poem anyone has ever written for you
paws annoying the kitchen tile while you scratch and yawn and wait for coffee he
is just licking your toes and nudging you with his warm breath saying come on come on
come on day, come on sun, come on life, this is the greatest day ever!
And you, you want to curl into the fuzzy blanket and keep your pajamas and your glasses on but you
believe in the way he believes and you
get the leash
bring the coffee
You find that his galloping heart becomes yours, his chase becomes your flight, his big stupid heart becomes the most intellectual expression of delight
You think
there should be more poems about dogs