About Gut Punch Poetry


Emily Katherine, the founder, creator and author of Gut Punch Poetry is a New York transplant, living in Athens, Georgia.  She created Gut Punch Poetry to serve as a forum for her work, an internet outlet for her emotions and a place to stick other poems, writings and ramblings that she enjoys.  She believes in the sharing of stories and thoughts and urges you (the reader, the observer, the live-er of life) to participate in comments and the like, as your story is equally as valid and compelling as hers – if not more so.  She enjoys physical fitness, arts of all kinds and talking about herself in the third person.  A thorough interview with the author can be found at the link below

A Visit with the Author

(It’s worth mentioning that this interview appears on the website of one Emily’s most favorite poet friends of all time, Ms. Michelle Castleberry, and she strongly urges you to read everything Michelle has ever written)


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